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Love That Turquoise & Copper 3 Piece Set

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This Antique Copper Collection is all about the girl who walks into the room and doesn't need to make an effort to be noticed. Like the energy you exude this collection breathes confidence. These are perfect for setting yourself apart from the rest without having to make a move. You're after all, not a plain Jane.  These are a great selection for a date night with your long-lasting or with a fresh new find. Either way the impression is made to endure. 
Antique Copper Necklace feature
s a gorgeous turquoise pendant encased in copper.
Great for layering.
36" in length with no extender.
Pendant will vary in size 
 from .75" up to 1.5"
Although your necklace will resemble the photo,
each piece is created by hand, so no two are identical.
Earring Length (entire)


Necklace Length 


Filigree Pendant (will vary in size)


Set includes 1 necklace with pendant,1 set of matching earrings, and 1 cuff bracelet


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Item Width10.5

Item Depth3

Item Height8.5



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